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The Virtues of Passions, Hard Work, and Determination

Good morning, everyone. Today, I want to talk about three virtues that are not only essential for success in college but also hold significant value in our lives: Passions, Hardworking and Determination. These virtues are deeply rooted in both Chinese traditional culture and modern society, and they continue to shape our personal and collective journeys.


Passions are the driving force behind all great achievements. In Chinese traditional culture, the concept of passions can be found in the teachings of Confucius. He once said, "Isn't it a pleasure when you can make practical use of the things you have learned? Isn't it a joy to have friends come from afar? Isn't it gentlemanly not to take offense when others fail to appreciate your abilities?" It encourages us to cultivate our passions for the sake of personal growth and self-fulfillment.


Hard work is the cornerstone of any meaningful accomplishment. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the value of diligence is evident in the saying. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (千里之行,始于足下), attributed to Laozi. This emphasizes the importance of consistent effort and perseverance. In today's fast-paced world, the role of hard work remains unchanged.


Determination is the unwavering resolve to achieve our goals, even in the face of adversity. Traditional Chinese literature is replete with tales of individuals who demonstrated remarkable determination. For instance, the famous poet Li Bai once wrote. The distant mountains appear serene and the river meanders far, but autumn has come, and the southern grass remains green (青山隐隐水迢迢,秋尽江南草未凋). This poem reflects the determination to persevere through challenges and hardships.

The Relevance of Tradition in Modern Society

The values of passion, hard work, and determination have endured over centuries because they remain as relevant today as they were in ancient times. However, their application may have evolved. In today's interconnected world, passion can be harnessed to address global challenges, hard work can be channeled into innovative solutions, and determination can drive social change.

From an individual perspective, these virtues can lead to personal success and fulfillment. On a broader scale, they can contribute to the progress of our society and nation. Just as ancient Chinese philosophers taught us, the pursuit of these virtues can lead to a better world for all.

In conclusion, passions, hard work, and determination are timeless virtues deeply rooted in both traditional Chinese culture and modern society. Embracing these virtues can lead to personal growth, success, and positive societal impact. As we navigate our journey through college and beyond, let us remember the wisdom of the past and apply it to shape a brighter future for ourselves and our world. That’s all, thank you.